resources-joncoHow do you convert the materials used in your cutting dies?
Our die boards are laser-cut and our rule is machine processed when possible. Some is still crafted by hand. Our rubber is water-jet cut. We use the latest technology to provide exactly what you need as efficiently as possible.

What kind of materials do you work with in your manufacturing process?
Our cutting dies are typically made out of wood, steel, and ejection foam rubber. However, the die board can be made out of a composite board or even polycarbonate. Stripping fixtures are produced with wood, steel, foam and PVC. Counter plates are produced in phenolic or steel. Blanking tools are made from steel and aluminum. We use the best materials that provide you with the best solution to complete your run, fast and efficiently.

What is the standard lead time for Jonco to make my die?
We answer that question by asking you, “When do you need it?” Our goal is meeting or exceeding your delivery needs.

Do I need to resend a file or die layout if Jonco made my die before or if I need replacement pieces?
Jonco keeps your files for 5 years. Just provide us the Jonco file number etched right in the board and we can reproduce the item for you.

What file types can I send Jonco for quoting or production?
Jonco can convert pretty much any file provide. Just email us what you need at dies@joncodie.com and our responsive customer service team will get back to you immediately to let you know if we need more information.

How do I know my quote request or order has been received by Jonco?
Our customer service team will confirm all orders. Quote requests will be completed typically within two hours. If you have not heard from us please contact us your request may have not made it to us.

What is your shop tolerance on cutting dies?
Per the industry standard Jonco, manufactures your cutting dies to a tolerance of +/-.005