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Bobst Certified Die Maker

Bobst Certified Die Maker

Converters need to be confident that their die-makers have the skills, understanding, and equipment required to produce high-quality dies – the BOBST Die-maker Certification Program is a guarantee of excellence.

Every BOBST-certified die-maker has been identified as having a positive, forward-thinking attitude towards quality standards, innovation, automation, and digitalization, ensuring they possess the mindset and approach to production that converters ask for.

Once they begin the certification process, die-makers’ capabilities, knowledge and understanding of tooling processes are assessed and developed by a BOBST Tooling Specialist; helping make sure that they work in the right way, correctly optimize their equipment to produce excellent dies and deliver best practice at every stage.

Once certified, die-makers are provided with a huge range of support systems and exclusive tooling products – everything they need to provide converters with best-in-class products. ~ Bobst


Jonco Manufactures Bobst Certified Tooling for both corrugated and solid board converting.


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