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The TrimSaver™ System (TSS) is a patented revolutionary advance on traditional trim waste management technologies. Reducing trim waste by up to 66%. It could mean on average, a reduction of up to 2% of the total sheet size. A small number that can lead to a big impact on total waste ratio and the bottom line.

Patent: Worldwide PCT/CA2007/001769
Canadian Patent # 2,619,923
US Patent 8,166,858

Savings Calculator

TrimSaver™ YouTube Video



The Patented TopMatrix™ System is an innovation to conventional die cutting. Applied to both flat bed and rotary cutting dies, it improves the cutting/creasing forces resulting in a superior die cutting performance. The TopMatrix™ is composed of a matrix sheet affixed to the surface of the cutting die in sections or as full coverage.

Noticeable benefits include:

  1. Powerful ejection device that reduces cracking by eliminating pressure points.
  2. A closer to the cutting/creasing rules reduces perimeter cracking as well as cutting dust or “angel hair”.
  3. Rougher anvil surface will carry the waste material away from the product.

Patent: USA 8,757,037 B2

TopMatrix™ YouTube Video



The BridgeSaver™ system is an effective method of improving die board strength by increasing support in the most vulnerable locations on the die board. Adding a BridgeSaver™ to the die board near the join line greatly enhances rule grip, extending the life and performance of your cutting die.


Flip EZ™ Scrap Ejections System

FlipEZ™ is a patented high speed scrap ejection system for rotary cutting dies. It enhances stripping performance on rotary die cutters by discharging the scrap away from the blank, reducing or eliminating scrap issues that can jam your machines, and shut down your production lines. It works on hard to strip areas such as internal windows and small cutouts. Requiring no adhesive, FlipEZ™ is also very easy for you to replace. Just snap out the damaged piece, snap in the replacement piece, and resume your run.

Patent: 6644153 B1



When attempting to reduce or eliminate cracking, using the correct scoring rule is important. Jonco Die Co Inc. patented JoncoScore™ is your solution for creating easy-square double scores while using a rotary cutting die. It works by creating a precise folding point within the flutes to encourage square folds with a clean, crisp edge. It will aid in reducing or eliminating rolling, resulting in flawless, easy-folding double scores. As an added benefit it will also work as a reverse score.

Patent: 8,088,054; 8,444,539 and patent pending



LeGard will greatly reduce the chance of lead knife failure. The Lead Knife on a rotary die is subject to a tremendous amount of side impact force when entering the nip of the press. LeGard is widely used by the industry and is available in two shapes for knife heights up to 1-1/8” and a second size for knife heights over 1/1/8”.

Also available, the “H7” allows your production personnel to insert a LeGard on press, right in the middle of a run, all in just over a minute without removing the die

LeGard H7 YouTube Video

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