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At Jonco we are focused on meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs. Experience and modernization of manufacturing equipment keep us on the cutting edge of the industry.

Jonco provides consistent service to our customers. We take away the headache by providing the information and support our customers need.
When our customers need product, we are here to deliver.

As a leading supplier of cutting dies, related services, and supplies to the corrugated, printing and packaging and display industries, we go the extra mile to understand your processes. This provides our customers the products, services, and innovation that gives them a competitive edge.

Our Technical Sales team is your partner in success.  With over 150 years of Industry related experience, we have the expertise to find solutions to your toughest challenges. Our Technical Sales Team is ready to assist in making your Jonco experience exceptional.

Our Customer service team is ever ready to answer your questions, support your quoting needs, and give you the answers you need when you need them.

Corrugated Flat Dies and Fixtures

Jonco Die Company Incorporated supplies tooling for the corrugated industry that exceeds your production expectations. Our corrugated cutting-dies are manufactured individually to your needs. We utilize the latest innovative products that bring results to your bottom line.

Jonco is part of an elite group of certified Bobst cutting die manufacturers. Our partnership with Bobst allows us to provide you tooling second to none in the industry.


Corrugated Rotary Dies

Jonco produces some of the most innovative tooling systems for the corrugated packaging industry, and has since 1965. Corrugated tooling has been our major emphasis from the beginning, and your converting issues have given us reasons to bring you solutions. Manufacturing soft anvil rotary dies for rotary die cutters in virtually any diameter needed, gives you the versatility you need.

Jonco’s adjustable die system for OPF, RSC, and 5PF style designs, which include nested attachment dies and scale boards, for faster, more accurate set ups.

For even blanket wear Jonco supplies, as a catalog item, complete knife coverage blanket levelers across the press. Pull band dies, nested slot sets, scale expandable glue flap sets, and scale boards are available for your needs as well.

Jonco manufactures mechanical stripping cutting dies for EVOL, Isowa, and Hamada machines. These tools are designed to maintain die cutting at a higher speeds than conventional rotary cutting dies. They are designed to provide fast setups with the use of color coded pin IDs and clearly marked matching ID on the die called out by a legend.

All our components are manufactured with use of all CNC controlled manufacturing. Replacement parts can be ordered and installed without the die having to leave your facility.

Platen Folding Carton Dies and Tooling

Jonco is your trusted destination for industry-leading platen folding carton tooling solutions. If you’re in the packaging business, you understand the critical importance of flawless folding carton production. That’s why we’re here to revolutionize your manufacturing process and help you achieve unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and quality.

Why Choose Our Platen Folding Carton Tooling?

Unmatched Precision: Our cutting-edge tooling solutions are meticulously designed and manufactured to ensure precise and consistent folding results. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can achieve impeccably folded cartons every time, eliminating waste and rework.

Increased Efficiency: Time is money, and our platen folding carton tooling is engineered to optimize your production speed. Maximize your output and meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality. Boost your bottom line with enhanced efficiency and reduced operational costs.

Expert Support: We’re not just selling tooling; we’re building partnerships. Our team of industry experts is here to provide comprehensive support, from initial consultations to ongoing technical assistance. We’ll work closely with you to understand your needs, recommend the ideal solutions, and help you optimize your folding carton production.

Experience the Jonco Die Difference
Join countless satisfied customers who have elevated their folding carton production with our innovative tooling solutions. Don’t settle for mediocre results. Embrace precision, efficiency, and excellence with our platen folding carton tooling.

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